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Week of Sept. 10-14


1. Burris Ewell
2. Walter Cunningham
1. Little Chuck Little


· Scout Finch(Jean Louise) who is a six year old girl and in the first grade.
· Scout has a brother named Jem who is four years older.
· Scout is young and naive.
· Atticus is her father and Calpurnia is the made and cook(sort of a mother figure).


· Maycomb County, Alambama
· 1930's
· Very dry and hot
· Poor town

Boo Radly Stories:
· Stabbed father in leg with scissors.
· Red eyes
· Yellow teeth
· In a gang when he was young
· Aressted
· Dines on raw squirrels and cats
· Walks around at night
· Bloodstained hands

Finch: Ewell:
· Rescpect Very Poor
· School for one day
· Rude
· Dirty

· Very Poor
· cant return

11th) To access the website

· 750-1000 words
· Minimum of 5 pictures
· 10 links maximum of 3 in this website
· Minimum of 8 sources

www.Quintura.com helps you narrow your broad searches

Week of Sept. 17-21

During the week the class read Chapters 9-14.

Chapter 9-

Chapter 10-

Chapter 11-

Chapter 12-

Chapter 13- Jem, Scout, and Calpernia come home from church to see Aunt Alexandra sitting on the porch. When the kids question why she is there Aunt Alexandra says she is there to “have some feminine influence” (Lee 127) in the house and says she will be staying for a while. That afternoon Atticus returns from Montgomery and is joyfully greeted by Jem and Scout. Many of the community members in Maycomb are glad to see Aunt Alexandra so the bake for her and hang out with her. Aunt Alexandra then situates herself as part of the community and begins gossiping about them. The book talks about how Maycomb was created and how Sinkfield made the town too far from the only kind of transportation then, river-boats. Because the town is so secluded for other towns the same families mainly married the same families. Scout learns that she has a Cousin named Lily Brooke and a Cousin named Joshua. One night Atticus talks to Jem and Scout about acting the right way, because Aunt Alexandra wants them to act like a little lady and gentlemen.

Chapter 14- Scout asks Atticus what rape is and he says rape is carnal knowledge of a female by force and without consent (Lee 139). Then Scout asks Atticus if she can go with Calpernia next sunday and Aunt Alexandra answers. Scout becomes enraged and when she leaves the room Atticus and Aunt Alexandra fight about Scout and Calpernia. Jem and Scout get in a fist fight, but soon after the get over themselves and go to bed. Before they go asleep though Jem and Scout discover Dill hiding under Scout's bed. Dill had run away from home. Jem, Scout, and Dill were talking when they realized Atticus was in the hall. Atticus came in and said Dill could stay so Atticus went to go tell Miss Rachel Dill was at their house. The kids go to bed, but Dill climbed into bed with Scout. They talk until they fall asleep.

Week of Sept 24-28

polarization- when two groups of people have totally opposite opinions.

banning books in libraries…SO WHAT???
- children → access to books/ideas
- parents don’t want kids to learn about issues

- parents responsibility to watch, not librarians
- kids should expand their minds – read books
- kids need to be taught about these topics
- freedoms of speech?
- wide variety of parenting styles/standards
- students responsibility to choose reading material
WHO decides? –impact on social thinking
Banning books → ban TV SHOWS??
- parental control in school?
- banning could lead to new interests

Valid reasons to ban books:
- support of Hitler/holocaust
- adult themed books banned in school libraries
- mis-information about history
- religious themed books in schools.
-access to certain ideas

Mob Mentality
· people get psyched in a group –“group think”.
· when they think individually, sometimes they feel differently

Writing Format: Intro w/ thesis → Body → Conclusion
- well-structured
(this is not the only way to write a paper!)

Questions to ask yourself while writing:
Who is my audience?
- guides writing style
- determines TYPE of details you want to elaborate on (adults, kids,…)
Why is this important?
- maintains focus
- convinces/draws in audience (& yourself)
- establishes “buy-in”

TKAM (ch.17-18)
Heck Tate-
-didn’t take Mayella to the hospital
-RIGHT eye bruised
-RIGHT side bruised (left handed attacker)
-marks all around neck (two hands to leave marks)

- anger
- not consensual
- Tom = ANIMAL (dehumanizing)

Attacking Methods-
If using both hands, marks left are on both sides.
If left-handed, marks on right side.
If right-handed, marks on left.

Bob Ewell-
-established as left-handed

Mayella Ewell-
-19 ½ -childish
-fears Atticus –cries
-possibly not clear views
-Can Tom break the chiffarobe with one arm?
-not used to respect
-Bob- heavy drinker

no doctor for Mayella
injuries on RIGHT
marks all around neck
heavy drinker
childish (“19 ½”)
doesn’t llike Attticus
not used to respect
Bob beats her when he drinks.

Tom- (logical?)
- only person that treated her w/ respect
- kids left to get ice cream
**Mayella gave them money → saved for a year
- “needed Tom’s help”
- came up with excuses to keep him around
- she locked door
- she grabs him and tries to kiss him
- Tom tried to esecape –didn’t want to hurt her

Did Mayella plan it?
1. got rid of kids so she could force herself on Tom
2. set up Tom for trouble?

Mayella didn’t want to get in trouble.
Rape accusation- convenient cover.
TKAM Chapter 23-25 9/27/07
Tom's Death
-tom bolted for the fence
-warning shots, shoots to kill
-shoots Tom seventeen times
-escape attempt
-Tom tries to take control-->suicide? --> could not have climbed fast enough with only one good arm

Reasons why you would do something stupid
-dont think
-seems like a good idea
Who's next?
-Mayella + Atticus
-Atticus + Mr. Cunningham
-Jem + Scout
-Atticus + Boo
-Helen + son
-Jem + ?
-Scout + ?
-Atticus + Judge Taylor

Underwood's Tutorial
Gist--> Toms death was wrong-someone harmless was killed
written easy to read and understand: everyone needs to understand
underwoods opinion: outcome already determined

Roly poly incident=relates to title of the book

INTRO-->BODY-->CONCLUSION (beggining, middle end)

Topic- explains subject of paragraph; can act as a transition; proves/supports a point from thesis statement.
Topic--> textual suport-->background(where,when,speaker) --analysis discussion(how does quote prove thesis?) -- transition

conclusion: sum it all up and connect to thesis.

Week of Oct. 1 - Oct. 5

Three major things lead up to the attack on Jem and Scout; Judge Taylor's House was broken into/tampered with, Mr. Ewell lost his job and blamed it on Atticus, Mr. Ewell harassed Tom's Widow Helen how ever this is put to an end by Link Deas threatening Bob Ewell.

Yes Bob won his case but he is still the town scum, he is causing trouble to keep attention on himself because the town basicly said, Ok we convicted Tom because he was black but now get back to your rat Hole.

Outline format:


Topic sentence 1:
Suporting text:

Topic sentence 2:
Suporting text:

Topic sentence 3:
Suporting text:

Thesis Construction

Mock Thesis #1: Women should have the option to have a safe abortion conducted by a medical professional because the mother may not love an unwanted child, she could die in labor, and she may not be financially stable.
Mock Thesis 2: Capital punishment should be outlawed in America because some forms are considered painful, inhunane ways to die, people have died as a result of being wrongly convicted, and there is a racial bias in how the death penalty is applied.

Salem MA 1692 / The Crucible

-Fear Promotes irrational behavior
-Revenge is a motivating factor in human emotion
-Breaking law = comiting a sin
-Thocracy--- Government lead by religion.


-Fled for religous freedom
-Ostrisised Non puritans
-No holidays
-Even fun was work
-Praying Sleeping Working was all they did

-MA is colder then NJ and on the ocean
-Illness and death happened frequently
-Native Americans Love/Hate relationship
-By 1692 it was more of a Hate/Hate realationship
-There was a convert or die attitude towards the Native Americans
-England considered the puritains fanatics
-Lots of Hypotcracy going on
-Beleived Children were Just tiny adults