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Week of October 3 - 5


  • Takes place in Salem, Ma
  • In 1692
  • Government is a Theocracey - led by religion
  • Breaking the law = committing a sin
- laws are for saftey -religion is a choice
- breaking laws are done on compulsion


  • The people are all Puritans
-came to the new land for religious freedom
-ostracized (shunned) non-puritons
-hard working
-NO days off instead they prayed
-children would not speak unless spoken to
  • Native Americans
-had the choice of either converting or dieing
-Puritons thought they worked with the devil
  • Weather
-right on water
  • The bad weather resulted in illnesses and death

Week of October 8 - 12


  • Betty
-doctors can't find reason think it is "unnatural things"
  • Parris - STRONGLY believers it's NOT witchcraft
  • Goody means good wife or a good man


  • Historical fiction - Fiction based in historical fact
  • Abby tries to turn tables on Paris when he accuses her of witch craft
  • Bayley
-Thomas Putnam's wifes brother-in-law
-Thomas Putnam
--tries to get revenge
--comes from money
--oldest son

Week of 15-19

Nurse VS Putnam

- fought over land ownership
- Nurse stopped Bailey (Putnams man) from being minister
- Nurse protested against church and Putnams complained
- Nurse has 11 kids 26 grandchildren Putnam has 7 dead and 1 dogmatized child

John(actually 50)

-mid thirties
-not easily led
-dislikes Parris because
he is to focused on material
goods such as money and fire wood

Abby(actually 11-12)

-17 orphan
-lives with Parris
-drank blood to kill goody proctor


-fully clothed
-long draped dark clothes
-boys and girls dress the same
-girls wore head covers


-no roads
-on water
-horse and carriage
-no orderly layout


-houses with stone foundation and wood on top
-rolling hills
-exposed beams
-buildings are all built the same
-low ceilings
-large fire places
-no interior doors


-given by others
Back then
-religious authority


-You can lie,and admit to witchcraft then get helped
- Or tell the truth, deny witchcraft and get hanged.

Elizabeth and John

-Strained, tense
-highly emotional
-awkward silence, not comfortable
-boring, dull
-Elizabeth is mad because John cheated
-John is mad because she judges him and she is never happy