Reason For Choosing Scene

Our group chose this scene because we thought it was important to the rest of the play and it had the perfect requirements and speaking roles for our group. The scene is the begining of the trial for Elizabeth Proctor and company. John goes to try and free his wife and friends from accusations of witch craft. Since our group has five members we needed an act or scene with multiple speaking characters. The scene we picked had eleven roles which is enough for everyone to have a role. A small reason for choosing this act is there are not a lot of sound effects, so everyone in the group can focus more on the speaking roles and making it sound like a true radio broadcast. In the end we chose this scene because it was important to the rest of the play, had enough speaking roles for everyone, and it had little sound effects so everyone could focus more on making the reading sound like a real broadcast of the play The Crucible.


The begining of this scene takes place during the court preceedings. Giles interrupts, shouting that he has evidence for the court. Judge Danforth came into the vest room and and scolded Giles for interrupting the preceedings. However, he does listen to the evidence presented by Giles and Francis Nurse. Giles accuses Mr. Putnam of of killing his neighbors for their land. Putnam flat out denies this accusation and is supported by Judge Danforth when Giles refuses to give up his informent. Mary Warren gains the strenth to tell the judges that the whole thing is a lie, but when Abby turns the tables and accuses Marry Warren of witch craft, Mary changes her story once again. She acccuses John of being the 'devils man' and of sending his spirit down upon her at night. John is arrested.

Significance of Scene

This scene starts the beginning of the end for John Proctor, as he questions the court. Reverend Parris and Judge Hathorne seem to believe that he is 'working to bring down the court'. The scene is full of confrontations between Danforth, Giles, Proctor, Parris, Hale and others. Most of the scene takes place in the court, where Danforth interrogates Proctor and Giles. They have presented evidence to him of the untruthfulness of the witness's accusations, in an attempt to free Elizabeth Proctor, Martha Corey, and Rebecca Nurse. The scene ends when Mary Warren hands over her deposition, admitting the fact that she had lied and taking back her accusations of witchcraft. In this scene, it appears to be a strong possibility, even though they do not address it, that Giles will die before this book is over, because of his anger toward the court. John's defiance is not entirely evident in this scene, although he does defend himself, his wife, and Giles.

Characters Functions

  • Martha Corey: She refuses to admit to witchcraft. She is a very religious and very honest woman and represents those who stay strong and honest despite the circumstances.
  • Judge Hathorne: He is unfair, and unwilling to listen to the presented evidence. Ignorant and quick to jump to conclusions; he is a believer in witch craft and seems to be in a hurry to convict anyone, even without the sufficient evidence.
  • Corey Giles: He is eager, desperate, and stubborn. He is upset because he has spoken 'bad' about his wife, saying she reads books and is unlike any of his other wives.
  • Francis Nurse: He is calm, reasonable, and fair. He comes to save his wife, and seems to be in quiet desperation.
  • Judge Danforth: He is tough and frusturating to endure. He says he is willing to look at and consider the evidence, but does not seem to carry that out. He seems to believe strongly in witch craft.
  • Herrick: Slightly understanding, does not play a big role.
  • Hale: He is beginning to doubt the preceedings in this scence. He recognizes the craziness of the whole situation, and wants to slow down and be resonable about it. He is not an unfair person, and starts to show signs of regret for the situation.
  • John Proctor: Seems to be peaceful, has relaxed since he ripped up the warrant for Elizabeths arrest. He has brought Mary Warren to confess to the dishonestly of the girls actions. He just wants to have Elizabeth home, as he feels responsible for her being there in the first place.
  • Mary Warren: She is very confused and very upset. Torn, because she is forced to choose between telling the truth or supporting her friends.

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