In Act two, Hale visits the Proctor house to investigate if theres witchcraft present. He questions Elizabeth and John about their Theology by asking John what the Commandments are. Between the two they know them. When Hale begins to leave, John tells him that what had happened with the girls had not to do with witchcraft. Shortly after Giles and Francis enter bringing news that their wives had been taken because they were accused of witchcraft. Then Cheever enters with a warrant for Elizabeth and says that Abigail had charged her. Cheever finds a poppet with a needle in it, and gives news that Abigail was stabbed in court by a needle. Mary Warren says she had made it but meant no harm by it. Herrick and Cheever take Elizabeth to the wagon with the others accused.

Character Function:
John Proctor ~ asked to recite the Ten Commandments, but can only list 9 of the 10; forgets 'Adultery' which is ironic because of his affair with Abigail. Also defends Elizabeth from Cheevers' questions and allegations.
Elizabeth Proctor ~ reminds John of 'Adultry' when asked for the Ten Commandments; states to Reverend Hale that she doesn't believe in witches. Elizabeth is taken away by Cheever due to the accusation from Abigail that she sent her spirit at her.
Reverend Hale ~ visits the Proctor residence to inspect John & Elizabeth
Corey Giles/Francis ~ Bring the news that thier wives, Martha & Rebecca, have been taken to jail for 'witchcraft'
Cheever ~ brings the news that Abigail was stuck with a needle and has accused Elizabeth of spending her spriti out at her; is also responsable to take Elizabeth from order of the court

Significance of Scene:
In this scene, it sets up the play to show that the Proctor house is begining to breakdown. They take away Elizabeth and John becomes very defensive about her removal. This also shows how John is falling apart from all of the withcraft propaganda and it also leads to his death. This scene displays the breakdown of the Proctor home and heading for the breakdown of the town.

Why Our Group Chose this Scene:
Our group chose this particular scene of Act two because of it's high potential. This scene was full of emotional moments and drama. It has plenty of parts that allow sound effects to be easily inserted and numerous parts that seem perfect for background music to be put in. This scene also has an almost seemless beginning and end. All of this caused this scene to be an ideal choice for our group.

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