We will be utilizing an online communication tool called Twitter as an experiment this semester. If you have a question and need a quick answer about an assignment, project, the reading, etc., try "Tweeting" the class. From time to time, I'll also "Tweet" links, questions, and assorted fun stuff for you. We will use this service as one of many tools to help create a sense of community and an atmosphere of collaboration that extends outside the classroom.

Expectations of Each Other (You and Me)

  • We will conduct yourselves over the Internet as we would conduct ourselves in class - with respect for each other.
  • We will only send messages from our own accounts, and never attempt to impersonate anyone else.
  • Twitter maintains a permanent running archive of all communications. Let's all keep it professional.
  • To avoid conflict between personal and professional lives, we will all set up Twitter accounts exclusively for this class. Your username will begin with the phrase HCH_; mine will be MrBariexca
  • When you sign up, you must set your account to "Protect My Updates", and "follow" every student in the class, as well as me (I'll explain this when we set up our accounts).

Best Practices in Online Safety

  • Do not show pictures of yourself to anyone you do not want to have them. -Pat
  • Keep debit and credit card information to yourself, unless you're giving it to a reputable source. - Scott
  • Do not accept friend requests from people you don't know- Lindsay
  • Don NOT give any personal information out such as your birthday or phone numbers - Kailee
  • Never click on attachments in a email that you are unsure about. -Brandon
  • Dont Download things if you dont know what they are. -David
  • Always make sure the people you are talking to are someone you know. -Amanda D
  • Don't share your password with others!-Amanda K
  • Don't ever consent to meet somone in person whom you've met online- Tom H