Grading Rubric

Organization (10 pts.)

Concise paragraphs provide detail without rambling; subheadings used to separate sections; information presented in multiple formats for ease in reading (lists, paragraphs, etc.)

Aesthetics (10 pts.)

Graphics/video augment information and do not distract from it; minimum 5 pictures used

Content (50 pts.)

Appropriate overview of 750-1000 words; key points explained or linked; relevance to 1920s or 1930s American South explored in depth

Support (20 pts.)

Minimum 8 sources cited, 10 links provided in-article (up to 3 may link back to other pages in this wiki)

Mechanics (10 pts.)

Site is proofread for grammar, usage, mechanics, and spelling errors

Collaboration (20 pts.)

ALL students are expected to have contributed EQUALLY to the construction of your site, INCLUDING typing information on the site. I expect to see every group member's name in the Page History (making significant contributions, not just superficial edits) by the end of the day Wed., 9/19/2007.

Total: 120 pts.