Holden Caulfield & Napoleon Dynamite

Although there are some pretty significant differences between these two characters, both Holden and Napoleon can be accurately described as anti-heroes. You viewed the film Napoleon Dynamite and took notes on Napoleon's anti-heroic qualities - use those notes to aid you as you prepare a response to the following prompts:

  • Compare or contrast Holden & Napoleon as anti-heroes - do you think there are more similarities or differences between the two?
  • Decide which character is the better example of an anti-hero as you understand it (here's a long list of anti-heroes from film, books, comics, video games, and TV - use these examples to support your argument)

Use specific examples from the text and film in your response. Try to make this as interactive as possible, folks - respond to specific points other people make, agree, disagree, and, as always, support your opinions.

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