Scene Summary:
Our section starts on page 131 when Elizabeth is going to try and convince her husband, John Proctor, to confess. A few pages before John Proctor is convicted of sending his spirit out upon Mary Warren. John is very torn because if he confesses then he won't die, but he will have to say other witches' names. Elizabeth informs John of all the people already convicted and killed. Elizabeth tells him that she will stick by his decision. John decides to confess, but when Judge Danforth says he must sign his confession he is once again not sure of his decision. In the end of the book he takes the paper in which he must sign and he rips the paper. He is hung but not in pure vain because he saves other lives of people in Salem.


John Proctor: John is a main character in this scene and is debating if he should confess and lie or tell the truth and loose his life.
Elizebeth: Elizebeth, John's wife, is supporting John's descision.
Danforth: Danforth is the judge and is the one person who makes the decision if the john is guilty or not.
Parris: He wants John to confess so that he could be humiliated.
Rebecca: She does not want john to lie, and encourages him to tell the truth even though he will loose his life.
Hathorne: He thinks everyone is guilty and against Hale.
Hale: Hale believes that everyone that is has confessed is innocent. He wants to help people who have been convicted of witchcraft.

Significance of the Scene:

This scene is important and a significant part of the play for many reasons. One significance of our section is to show how Proctor is struggling with his decision of whether to confess or not. This is the last section in the play so it is important because it shows what many people had to go through during the play and what happened to them if they didn't confess. This section also signifies how Proctor was willing to sacrifice himself to not ruin the lives of other people by telling the court that they were witches. This scene shows how Elizabeth was willing to forgive John for committing adultery, and how she thinks John should do what he thinks is right.

Reasons for choosing this scene:

We choose this scene because it was the end of the book and we thought that it was the most important part. It was the most important part of the book since everything in the scene came together and finally became clear. One of the long-awaited questions was finally answered that Proctor was going to be hanged. Orginally, he was going to confess that he has a witch, but then he changed his mind. He said how he could not sign himslef to lies and let everyone in the town see his name posted upon the church door. As a result, he was immediately taken away to be hanged along with Rebecca Nurse, who also did not confessed.

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