Act 3 (pp. 105-120)


In this section of The Crucible John Proctor takes Mary Warren to the court to tell Danforth that Abby and the girls were faking everything. When they got there, Mary Warren says that she was faking when she fainted in the court room, and that her and the girls were only pretending. Hathorne asks Mary to show them how she fainted and she responds by telling them that she does not have "the sense of it" now. When Danforth pressures Abby to be truthful she feels, as well as the girls, a cold wind come across them. Abby and the girls accuse Mary Warren of sending her spirit out to get them. Trying to turn the tables on Abby, John Proctor confesses his affair with her. However, when Danforth interviews John Proctor's wife Elizabeth, she says otherwise, so the court then believes that Proctor is lying. Later in the court room, Abby and the girls pretend to see a yellow bird, which they beliee will attack them. Unable to sway Abigail and the girls, Mary Warren approaches them in the courtroomn and accuses John Proctor of consorting with the Devil. Reverend Hale denounces the proceedings and states that he is quitting the court. He also continues supporting John Proctor, as he was sent to jail.

Why Our Group Choose this Scene:

Our group had many reasons for choosing this scene. First, we considered the amount of characters in the scene, and how many people were in our group. Second, and most importantly, we all agreed on wanting to "broadcast" a court scene. The group felt that this scene was suspensful, whether it being if Elizabeth was going to admitt to John's affair, or how the court would react to Abby and the girls. This scene also allowed us to add sound effects and music, as we used the song Apoligize when Elizabeth did not tell the truth about John's affair, after he had already confessed.

Character Function:

John Proctor: He confesses his sins to the court and says that he had an affair with Abigail Williams. He then defends Mary Warren in court and is sent to jail.
Mary Warren: The servent in John Proctor's home. She portrays herself as a timid girl very much influenced by others. In the courtroom she is accused of sending her spirits out on Abby and the girls. However, later in the scene, she supports Abby and the girls and tells the court that John Proctor is a Devil's man.
Abigail Williams: Abby gets confronted in court about her affair with John. In trying to change the subject, she alludes to the fact that Mary Warren is sending her spirit out to get her and the girls.
Girls: The girls support Abigail and believe that Mary Warren has sent out her spirit to get them. While in the courtroom the girls continually repeat everything that Mary Warren is saying.
Elizabeth Proctor: Elizabeth gets called into the court room to be questioned about the affair between her husband, John proctor, and Abigail Williams. However, while trying to protect her husband's name, she lies to the court by telling them that there was no affair between John and Abigail and that her husband was a good man. Elizabeth was then taken out of the room, and is led off to jail.
Reverand Hale: Hale supports John Proctor and believes he should not be sent to jail because there are so many people in jail already. He also believes that Abby and the girls are lying, and denounces the proceedings.
Danforth: Danforth questions Mary, Proctor, Elizabeth, and Abigail and also sends John and Elizabeth Proctor to jail.
Hathorne: Hathorne questions Mary Warren and asks if she can faint in the court.
Reverend Parris: A supporter of Abby and the girls by claiming he never saw them dancing naked in the woods.
Herrick: Herrick, the marshal of Salem, breaks Proctor from Abby.

Significance of the Scene:

This scene holds much significance to the rest of the play. Although John tries to portray himself as an honest and reputable man in society, his secret is soon revealed. John Proctor confesses his affair with Abigail Williams, a seventeen year old girl. This soon leads to his arrest, and conviction of consorting with the Devil. With this scene the rest of the book can now be predicted. John Proctor would soon be hanged. This scene plays an important role as John, the main character in the play, will not confess to seeing the devil or telling the court who he has seen with the devil. When John does not deny this, his life will be taken.

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