Reason for Choosing Scene

We chose this act for many reasons. First to show the start of all the accusations of witchcraft in Salem. To show that the only way to life after being accused is to lie and accuse others. Also to show how the idea of witchcraft was built up on lies, and how so many people get accused of witchcraft.


Reverend Hale travels from Beverly on a call to check up on Betty. While being there, Hale starts conversation with Parris, Putnam, Giles, Rebecca, and Mrs. Putnam about witchcraft. Abigail, entering after Giles unintentionally accused his wife, answered the questions Hale asked. When the Devil was mentioned, she passes the blame on Tituba. Hale questions Tituba and she realizes the only way to stay alive is to lie and confess to witchcraft. Tituba confesses and accuses Goody Good and Goody Osborn as well. Hale says he sees her as a sign to cleanse the village of the Devil and praises her. Abigail sees this attention and becomes envious. She "confesses" and says she wants to open herself to God. She accuses people and immediately after, Betty wakes and accuses people along with Abigail.

Characters & Their Roles

There are 10 characters in this act, all with a specific purpose

  • Hale - To help find the devil and help to prove the accused innocent
  • Parris - Make sure Betty is ok
  • Rebecca - Ignore witchcraft
  • Mrs. Putnam - Accuse other people of witchcraft
  • Giles - Unintentionally accuses his wife
  • Proctor - Ignore witchcraft
  • Abby - To accuse Tituba and others of being witches
  • Tituba - Tries to save her own life while accusing others
  • Putnam - Accuse other people of witchcraft
  • Betty - To join everyone with the accusations

Significance to the Play

This scene has a great significance to the play because this scene is the beginning of all the witchcraft accusations. When Abigail accuses Tituba, a chain reaction of accusations occurs that affects the entire town and kills many. This is basically the beginning of all the trials. The scene also shows that when someone is accused of witchcraft, the other people in the town become weary when in that person's presence. Once accused, denying working with the devil will lead to hanging, but if they tell them that they have worked with the devil they will try and help the accused work past him IF the accused give them more names.

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